Monday, May 26, 2008

Questions that remain unanswered about OSU's decision to enter into contract with PPI, Kermit and Bob's deaths and about PPI prior to the receivership

About OSU's decision to move the chimps to Primarily Primates and about the decision to enter into a contract with Primarily Primates.

*Why wasn’t the agreement between OSU and Primarily Primates approved by appropriate OSU research oversight committees? (e.g. the OSU's Institutional Laboratory Animal Care and Use Committee (ILACUC) or the Office of Responsible Research Practices (ORRP))
* After receiving numerous warnings about the conditions at Primarily Primates, what did the university do to verify the credibility of the conflicting claims? What background checks were done and by whom?
* Was Charity Navigator consulted?
* Were Primarily Primates financial filings reviewed?
* Why was the Memorandum of Understanding with Chimp Haven not honored?

Questions about the contract

*Why didn’t PPI satisfy its responsibility of providing personnel and other assistance in connection with the shipment? (as stated in 1c)
*Did Ohio State veterinarians and PPI veterinarians indicate their agreement by signing a document substantially similar to Attachment C that would constitute the transfer of rights, title, and interest? (as stated in 3b) It is not signed on the contract obtained through a public document request.
*Why were no PPI personnel present at any point at OSU?
*Did OSU pay ($6870.00) for the cost of travel for 3 PPI personnel that never came?
*What was the $15,000 set aside for modification of the temporary enclosures spent on?
*How was information about the “psychological protocols and medical records”reviewed if no PPI personnel nor veterinarians were present at the Chimp Center?

About the move to PPI

*Why didn’t anyone from PPI come to OSU before the transfer to review medical records and help make the transition for the animals less stressful?
*Why weren’t Stephany Harris and Klaree Boose allowed to accompany the animals? It is standard primate care that former caretakers travel with animals as they move and stay at the new facility for a period of time to help them adjust.
*Why did the move happen before Primarily Primates was prepared?
*Why didn’t OSU wait to move the animals until a veterinarian was available to transfer the animals from the truck to their enclosures at PPI?
*Why didn’t a trained OSU veterinarian accompany the animals?
*Why was a local dog, cat, and exotic bird veterinarian, who hadn’t sedated a chimp in over seven years, rather than a veterinarian who specializes in primates, called to oversee the transfer process from the truck to the enclosures?

About Kermit's death

Responding to the OSU press statement which read:
"When Kermit finally went under, after four doses of anesthesia, veterinarians believe his head slumped forward, blocking his airway. Staffers noticed Kermit wasn't breathing. They performed CPR, but all efforts to save the animal were unsuccessful"
Primate expert, Dr. Shirley McGreal, asks the following:

*How many veterinarians were on the scene? Names, please. Or were the veterinarians who "believe" the chimp's head "slumped forward" somewhere else? Why "believe?" They should "know" because they should be watching the animal. Tranquillized primates must be watched carefully as so many things can go wrong (vomiting, adopting an unsafe position, etc). There should be constant monitoring until the animal is fully conscious.
*Why were "staffers" (again, names, numbers, please and qualifications) the ones to notice the poor animal was not breathing? *What about the vet/s? How many of the "staffers" were trained to perform CPR? … Ketamine and ketamine-based tranquillizers have a high margin of error and the dosage can normally be calculated in advance, so why were there four doses, and how were they spaced? Our vets always start with a low-end dosage and add a little extra if needed. *How much ketamine was injected each time? *What was the total?
*Why was Kermit given Ketamine, not Telazol (the standard tranquilizer used to sedate Great Apes)? * Why was it given at 20 min. intervals when a proper dose should be effective within 10 minutes?
*Why wasn’t someone monitoring Kermit, while he was unconscious in the event that his head fell forward?
*Why did Dr. Vice leave after Kermit’s death?
*Why was Kermit’s body incinerated and not returned to Dr. Boysen as requested?

About Bobby’s Death

*Why didn’t anyone from PPI heed the warning given to them regarding concern for Bobby’s emotional health by the former caretakers?
*Why didn’t a veterinarian examine Bobby at the first signs of behavioral change, when he stopped eating and was lethargic
*Why did no one from PPI or OSU comment on the hepatic lipidosis which isconsistent with starvation and/or anorexia found in Bobby’s liver as stated on his necropsy?
*Why wasn’t anyone at PPI alarmed at the dramatic weight loss in Bobby?
*Why was Bobby’s weight not recorded or reported in his necropsy?

About Primarily Primates in general

*What training did the staff have in primate care?
*Why doesn’t PPI provide enrichment for the chimpanzees and other primates as required by the Animal Welfare Act?
*How did <7 people take care of over 800 animals?
*Why didn’t they have daily logs that include basic animal caretaking charts such as sanitation, head counts, feedings, etc.?
*Why didn’t they have a full time veterinarian specializing in primate medicine?
*Why won’t anyone from SWFBR perform necropsies for or send veterinarians to PPI any longer?
*Why wasn’t a vet called for the chimpanzee Lynn at the first sign of serious illness, instead of three days after her left side appeared paralyzed?
*Why weren’t the chimpanzees Marty or Arthur necropsied?
*Why did PPI purchase an adjacent property three days after receiving money from OSU given that they are on record as complaining of difficulties?
*Why don’t they have a board made up of primate experts and a development officer?
*Why did Primarily Primates agree to take on additional animals when there are problems with facilities and funding)
*Why wouldn’t PPI let any of the former caretakers visit the chimps?
*Why is it taking so long for the permanent enclosures to be built if OSU gave PPI the full amount of money to do so?
*Why was PPI planning on leaving the OSU group fractured into four separate groups while they plan to introduce non-OSU chimpanzees into the enclosures specifically contracted for the OSU so they could remain as a single social group?
*Why does the administration of PPI continue to make public statements that indicate they have no knowledge of the psychological and physical needs of the OSU chimpanzees?
*Why do the chimpanzees at PPI that were hand reared by Wally Swett show the stereotypic behavior associated with chimpanzees that have experienced severe trauma?